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Author of the Fabled Book, a book of short poems. Ex-lead singer of the bands Warbranch and Dominion. Published essayist and self styled master of the American language.


Knowledge for knowledge's sake alone.  Personal Freedom.  Math and Science.  Writing and the American Language.


I want to make it to see the next day.  I really don't want much out of life.  I just want to be comfortable.  I want to open up as many minds as I can along the way.

          To My Unborn

To my unborn innocence
I love you very much
It's been a long time since
My heart has felt a touch
My life is hard and cold
Many a dream's been crushed
I know my life is sold
My strangled voice is hushed

To my unborn child
Please forgive me
It's been a long time since I've smiled
In this life of misery
I'm sorry for this pain
Which you must enter
You'll never be the same
In innocence's winter

To my unborn baby
I do love you so
But nothing's gonna save me
From this life of woe
So forgive me for this hell
I will help you through
But please don't ever sell
This life I give to you

Dear child of mine, touch the clouds
And live in Freedom's wind
Don't be frightened by the crowds
Of evil life will send
Take this life in your little hands
Do with it as you will
Please don't stand as your father stands
In a corner quiet and still

R.A. Freeman

          Odd Smile

Some consciously inappropriate death
Can't escape the notice of society
So sing your funeral dirge out of tune
be noticed

Oddity in life brings no recognition
Oddity in death brings rippling repercussions
Death has an odd smile
You have an odd life

In life I am odd
But you see how famous I am
long hair, jagged fingernails
prepared to grab life by the throat
and all the while
to watch Death's peculiar grin

Oddity in life brings criticism
Oddity in death brings at least
city wide recognition

What smile to watch in hollow amusement
brings such curious horror
as that of termination of physical embodiment
how odd must Death's life be

Someday I hope to talk to and spend some time with death
Count the rows of his teeth
I hope someday to record his smile
In words I cannot express

What an odd grimace to comfort me
When darkness crosses my eyes
I fear to laugh at his whimsical seriousness

Whatever your Thanatopsis
I hope is smiles at your situation
as does mine

Though humorous may his smile appear
his calling is all too grim
to take away the living to the dead
everyone in time shall meet him

If you happen to meet his acquaintance
before I do, and have read this
please introduce us so I can write
what I see

I wish to claim Death a friend
and be not fearful of his odd smile


          Why Do You Smile When You Say I Have A Bright Future?

You say I have a bright future
But everything I do you detour
Sitting back with grinning smile
And you crush me all the while
Way are you so patronizing
When all the while I know you're lying
A hundred people a day you see
So why are you even bothering with me
Save your false concern for your pitiful self
I don't need to be on your shelf
Waiting for a hundred days
I can get by on my own ways
I see a smile, yellowed teeth
Stained from feasting on the meek

R.A. Freeman

          Summers To Come (Environmental Death)


The wind blows in the trees
The rustle of the leaves
The warm sun beating on your shoulders
Kills the thought of pain and sorrow
The wind blows in the trees
The rustle of the leaves
The hot sun burning your skin
Kills the thought of sorrow
The wind blows in the trees
The rustle of the leaves on the ground
The hot sun burning your skin
Kills the thought of happiness
The wind blows the trees down
The leaves have all rotted away
The hot sun charring the skin
Kills everything

R.A. Freeman

          I Have Rights? (Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me About This Before?)

A long time ago in a land overthrown
Your fathers fought tyrannical rule
Now the goal of the fight's overgrown
While the children are forced into school
Where are the rights that were written?
With blood every letter was penned
Pursuit of happiness is stricken
And laws are just yours to bend

Freedom of speech once was heard
And no one seemed to care at all
Now Freedom's as free as the flight of a bird
So to reach for it surely means a fall
I once heard that a long time ago
People were allowed to choose
I can't believe in lies though
Falsehood so hard it leaves a bruise

Your fathers died for Freedom's call
Their blood drained on the field so dear
You don't seem to care at all
You rape the words we see and hear
And repaint every thought we have
Like the paintings, sculptures, rights
You desecrate all our hallowed land
You take all the dreams that are in our sights

Your fathers are screaming and tearing the earth
Trying to get at your cursed throat
They died for our Freedom and our rebirth
You spit on their graves buried in a toxic moat
Arise! Arise fathers of Liberty
Take back this mournful country
Let us remake the laws of history
Rip the hearts out of all who would deny us Freedom

R.A. Freeman

          Isob Cable

Ode to the memory of Isob Cable
Buried at the side of Post Road
While he did live, he was certainly able
To carry anyone else's load
See that was the death of Isob the caring
He took on all problems himself
Without seeing his life it was tearing
And he asked no one else for help
So he worked obsessively on other people's problems
He stayed up all night and worried
Thinking of how to solve them
When all of his thought became scurried
His mind and his will broke asunder
His sanity draining away
So out of his window he did blunder
And roasting in Hell to this day

That is the fate of all such as he
Take this as a lesson
Live your life for yourself
Screw everyone else

R.A. Freeman

          Stages Of Grief

D.enying loss of conscious thought
E.nigmatic fear
N.ever truth in answer sought
I. wish I wasn't here
A. lie is told to me of loss
L.ies that I can toss

A.nger turns the world to red
N.o one seems to care
G.reat wishing they with me be dead
E.veryone left bare
R.age has devoured my mind

B.argaining for time to live
A.ll my efforts spent
R.egreting having naught to give
G.od my heart is rent
A.nything I haven't rightly done
I. will happily redo
N.o deed of mine shall I shun
I.f I could make it through
N.ow I must set a date
G.od Please let my death wait

D.epression is setting in my heart
E.very dream undone
P.erhaps they'll take my life apart
R.emember what I've done
E.veryone shall pass me by
S.ome will even smile
S.o you know the reason why
I. want to stay awhile
O.mitt their happy disposition
N.ecrosis of my condition

A.cceptance of death's impending might
C.alming of my emotions
C.atalyst of a peaceful light
E.ven as the oceans
P.eace is overwhelming me
T.omorrow's a blessed day
A.nalog of sanity
N.ew life has come my way
C.all to arms my personal toy
E.very man dies like a boy

I deny my anger
bargaining for depressing

R.A. Freeman

          Snow Hypnotica

Cold chill on a winter's day
When the winds blow strong
Snowflakes dance in such a way
Beckoning me to dance along
White refraction of brilliant light
Blinds my all too sensitive eyes
But whirling beauty, soul's delight
Has severed all my Earthly ties
I leap into joyous drifts of snow
Running through the ramparts of ice
Wandering where, I care not to know
Going home just won't suffice
I feel no cold nor feel I pain
And for what it's worth
I don't feel anything
Even my soul has ceased to hurt
After hours though in snow
I become so tired of leaping
My muscles are becoming slow
So in the snow I'm sleeping
The colors are swirling still
But my eyes are closed
So in the morning light I will
Put back on my clothes
All is cool and calmer since
The snow began to heap
My mind it gives me subtle hints
This is my final sleep

R.A. Freeman

          Evil Race

Long ago but very close to my heart
there was a beautiful land far apart
from all the world and happy that way
but then came an evil race one day
at first they said they come in peace
and that lie shall never cease
they came in boats from far away
they brought disease all would say
but more they brought and deadly still
they killed the people and stole a hill
but oh no it could not stop there
they caught these poor people by the hair
and tried to enslave their very wills
convert their minds to religious ills 
Freedom calls unfortunate people
who would rather die than endure this evil
so the people could not be enslaved
the evil race ranted and raved
so a third race was condemned to stay
the evil people cried blood that day
they chased the people across the land
but they were too scattered to make a stand
these all centered people slaughtered and raped
and killed all the children so that none escaped
they took the land and all the food
and no one could stop them and no one else would
and all this history is what you see
and these thoughts are still tormenting me
for these people were my own
the evil race took away their home
forced them to live on bloodied sands
and made them work with bloodied hands
I can't even comprehend the madness
that a people could weave such sadness

R.A. Freeman